WWE Royal Rumble Predictions Part 2: The Rock vs CM Punk – Who’s Walking Out Champion?

Ladies And Gentleman, the Royal Rumble is just 4 weeks away and to be honest, the last few rumble events have produced some mighty shockers. Edge returning and winning the Rumble in 2010 was a shocker (unless you read the spoilers before hand). Alberto Del Rio was not exactly someone I expected to win the Royal Rumble in 2011. And last year, yeah, I didn’t think the dark horse Sheamus would stop Chris Jericho from winning the Rumble. That is exactly why this pay-per-view is my favorite PPV of the year (and yeah that top-trumps Wrestlemania). It doesn’t matter how bad or lacking in the matches the under-card is, the match itself is what you pay for. Except this year is different, WWE have something else for you to spend your money for… The Rock.

THE ROCK - Scheduled To Face The WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble

THE ROCK – Scheduled To Face The WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble

The Brahma Bull challenges CM Punk for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble (CM Punk will face Ryback on the first RAW of 2013 for the title, but lets face it, Ryback is not winning that match). Now the question in my mind is simple… which match will actually be the main event? The Rock vs CM Punk or the Royal Rumble match? Tradition has the Royal Rumble match main-eventing the card every year (of course in some cases, like the 2006 event, this wasn’t the case). And the reason it main-events the card is simply because that’s the match everyone wants to see. But this mega-superstar The Rock we are talking about. The Rock is The Rock, and logically should The Rock take a back seat to another match on the card? I mean Attitude Era fans will pay big money to see The Rock return since it’s so rare. And CM Punk vs The Rock has been building ever since July at RAW 1000, when CM Punk decked The Rock and turned heel. This brings up the question of… Tradition vs Business. Respect the PPV’s long-standing tradition and go with the Royal Rumble match as the main event, or go for the big-money match Rock vs Punk as the main event. I personally they’ll go with Rock vs Punk for the main event, since he’s on the freaking cover, but I’m not bothered either way.


Match Background:

In the main event of Wrestlemania 28, The Rock defeated John Cena in the “Once In A Lifetime” dream match in his hometown of Miami. This made The Rock the first person to defeat Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena at Wrestlemania events.

During The Rock’s victory speech the next night on RAW, he mentioned that he had a vision for what to do next… becoming the WWE Champion. Up until RAW 1000, The Rock never made it clear what his plan was in order to get the WWE Championship.

However, on RAW 1000, he interrupted a segment involving Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion CM Punk. During the segment, he ripped into Daniel Bryan and declared that he has been given a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble event in 2013, and wished CM Punk luck for his title defense against John Cena in the main event of RAW 1000.

CM Punk would go on to retain the championship that night, after The Big Show attacked John Cena causing a disqualification. The Rock came to Cena’s rescue and as he was about to deliver the People’s Elbow to Big Show, CM Punk clotheslined Rock. CM Punk would then deliver the GTS to the People’s Champion, and walked off with his championship, turning heel.

On the next episode of RAW, CM Punk justified his actions by claiming The Rock disrespected him and acted as if Punk was invisible to him when he was ripping into Bryan. He also said that The Rock tried to make RAW 1000 all about him by assisting John Cena. Punk said that the spotlight and the attention in WWE should be directed on the WWE Champion. CM Punk has remained champion ever since, and is set to walk into the Royal Rumble event having been WWE Champion for more than 400 days. While The Rock hasn’t been on WWE Television since RAW 1000, he and Punk have had an on-going Twitter feud ahead of their encounter at the Royal Rumble.

It has been quite a good build up to this match, despite The Rock not showing up on WWE Television for the last 6 months. But The Rock is scheduled to appear on the first RAW of 2013, which also features CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against Ryback in a TLC match (which CM Punk is obviously going to win). The Rock actually has quite a lot of WWE bookings planned for the next several months. According to Cageside Seats , he’s booked for the following events…

Jan. 7: Raw in Tampa
Jan. 8: SmackDown in Miami
Jan. 21: Raw in San Jose
Jan. 22: SmackDown in Sacramento
Jan. 27: Royal Rumble in Phoenix
Jan. 28: Raw in Las Vegas

He’s also booked for the Elimination Chamber event on February 17th, and on RAW the night after.

Now the new bookings being added to The Rock’s WWE schedule has given me doubts about who is going to win The Rock vs CM Punk match at the Royal Rumble. Especially considering The Rock is booked for Elimination Chamber. Why would The Rock appear at a PPV like the Chamber, if he wasn’t going to defend the championship on the card. Now, it seems to me that the WWE want The Rock to be WWE Champion heading into Wrestlemania for a rematch with John Cena. With all these new bookings, and possibly more bookings being talked about, it appears that they want The Rock to appear more often if he is to win the WWE Championship. Or maybe, that’s what the WWE want us to think…

What if The Rock is NOT being booked to win the WWE Championship? WWE may pull something off like this:

What if John Cena screws The Rock out of the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble (considering The Rock cost Cena the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 27)? The Rock could use the next night on RAW in Las Vegas to say that he will confront John Cena at Elimination Chamber. He shows up, and him and Cena agree to a rematch at Wrestlemania 29, and the next night on RAW, Rocky starts the build up to Wrestlemania. That is easily possible.

After all, CM Punk’s title reign is incredibly important to WWE at the moment. Does the WWE really want Punk to drop it to a semi-retired wrestler like The Rock, who will predictably lose the belt to Cena at Wrestlemania? I don’t think that should be what happens, and I think a lot of people, including CM Punk, would be a little PO’d about that plan.

I just think the Road to Wrestlemania will be too predictable if The Rock beats CM Punk at Royal Rumble. If Rock beats Punk, he will obviously take the WWE Title with him. Also, if The Rock did win the title, it’s not like he’s gonna be defending the WWE Title at House shows is he? And WWE want the championship defended at house shows.

So, I think…………………………………………………………………..



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