WWE TLC 2012 Review – PPV Of The Year… At The End Of The Year

Note: Written before I watched Monday Night RAW

Well, well, well. TLC 2012. To be honest, Pay-Per-Views are slowly becoming a lot less anticipated nowadays. The promotion of these events have been WELL below par. The match quality with the majority of the matches just aren’t good enough. And seeing John Cena in nearly every main event of 2012 is becoming plain sad. However, and I say this having taken a long hard thought, TLC was the best pay-per-view of the year.

Wasn’t exactly promoted that well, largely due to CM Punk’s injury, but still the matches on show were still enough to get a thumbs up from me. The tag team tables match with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio facing Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes was a treat. These four seem to work really well in the ring together, and the rise in the quality of tag team matches are continuing. And regarding Sin Cara. He landed really hard when he crashed through the table at the end of the match (meaning Sandow and Rhodes wins of course). I hope this injury isn’t as bad as feared. Sin Cara and Mysterio are having a really good spell at the moment, and if Cara’s momentum is cut short aagain, he might not ever get it back.

The US Title match was pretty much a repeat from their match at Survivor Series – a short victory for Antonio Cesaro over R-Truth. Wow. You know, I’m all for Antonio Cesaro being the US Champion, but PLEASE give him some legit competition please? The Miz. He’d do just fine.

The Barrett Barrage suffered a massive blow to the push I want him to have. Losing cleanly to Kofi Kingston in an IC Championship match will hurt Wade Barrett’s attempts to be this bad-ass bare-knuckle boxer from Preston, England. Alright match, but Barrett deserved better.

The personal favorite for me at TLC was the 6 man tag team TLC match with Ryback and Team Hell-No taking on the Shield. A good old fashioned-fight. I love them sorts of matches. There were a lot of great spots in that match. The spear through the barricade by Roman Reigns. Rollins landed hard off the top of the really big ladder through the table courtsey of Ryback. It really did have a bit of everything. Throughly enjoyed that match, and The Shield winning was absolutely THE right way to end the match. Yes, that’s Ryback third PPV defeat in a row, but a Royal Rumble victory in January will make up for all the defeats, and The Shield don’t lose momentum either. Superb match.

Eve Torres retained the Divas Title against Naomi… NEXT!

Big Show defeated Sheamus in a chairs match for the World Title. Hopefully this solidifies the end of their feud. To be honest, the World Title hasn’t really been done justice this year in WWE, and I hope they improve the quality of World Title feuds.

Here’s one of the real shockers of the night (and amazingly not the biggest shocker). Alberto Del Rio… TURNING FACE? The guy who is called the Mexican Aristocrat, drives around in fancy cars all the time, has a personal ring announcer turning face? Apparently, they were rumors that he was going to turn face, and those rumors seem to be true. Last night, he came to the aid of The Miz and the Spanish Announcers when the 3MB were the guests of MizTV. I guess it’s good to see Del Rio face. Del Rio is a breath of fresh air, and more heels can be pushed like Wade Barrett (yes, Barrett is the future, and I demand he gets pushed! lol). Del Rio’s character is getting a little flat, and seeing him face might spice it up a bit. Del Rio and Miz teamed up with the Brooklyn Brawler to defeat the 3MB in a 6 Man Tag later on in the show. A good crowd pleasing moment and a decent pop for the brawler.

FINALLY, the main event. Yes, John Cena in the main event, AGAIN! Really? However, this also gave Dolph Ziggler his first real main event on a WWE Pay-Per-View. His time to get the glory if he won the ladder match, which he did. It was a really good ladder match, a lot better than I was expecting (fitting considering this PPV was a lot better than I was expecting), There were some cool moments, like John Cena lifting Ziggler and the ladder over his head. Cena and Ziggler crashing through the table. It was really good, and the ending was even better. Ziggler got AA’d out of the ring. Then Vickie Guerrero (the impartial as ever Managing Supervisor or whatever her job title is) comes out and is about to hit Cena with a chair. And he comes AJ Lee, who turns on Super Cena, with the two of the worst shoulder blocks I’ve ever seen in my entire life, a back-suplex and the five knuckle shuffle. I will forgive that, for what happens next. John Cena climbs up the ladder, AJ skips around the ring… then pushes Cena off the ladder! HOLY SHIT! The Brooklyn crowd went absolutely bananas for that. What a moment, I will not soon forget. Ziggler obviously got the briefcase. But OH MY GOD, AJ turning heel was one of the least likely things to happen this year. If it weren’t for CM Punk’s epic moment in RAW 1000, AJ would have won the award for heel turn of the year in my book. What happens now, I am so amped up for!

AWESOME PAY-PER-VIEW. No doubt, the pay-per-view of the year, superb 6 man TLC tag match, decent titles matches, great tables match, and an amazing end to the pay-per-view. Man, I’d seriously recommend getting the DVD (or Blu-Ray if you are into that sort of thing) when it comes. Blown away. Hopefully RAW doesn’t disappoint when I watch eventually. Sorry about this review not being uploaded sooner. Uni work strikes again to prevent me from finishing this. I will watch and review RAW and SmackDown! in the next couple of days. Again, really sorry for the delay. But seriously, what a pay-per-view.



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