07/12/12 TNA Impact Wrestling Preview – The Last Stop On The Road To Final Resolution


What is up guys. Tom Robinson here. Just a quick blog about tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling Episode, and of course this is the last stop on the road to the Final Resolution PPV this sunday. And we’ve got a pretty decent TNA lined up. FIRSTLY…

Hulk/Brooke/Bully Ray/Aries Storyline

Like it or not, expect this storyline to continue. I am expecting some kind of match to be announced here between Bully Ray and Austin Aries for Final Resolution. I’d be pretty annoyed if they weren’t on that card, considering how over both guys are at the moment. Bully Ray is the new face on the block and is asserting himself possibly as THE TOP FACE in TNA when Jeff Hardy’s contract expires in February. Bully’s been on a roll and so has Austin Aries. Returning to his heel persona, Aries has been phenomenal on the mic, and as we know, he’s a great technical wrestler. He has been the superstar of the year in my book. Putting these two in a storyline together can be big for both of them, even if it is a soap-opera storyline. Also, lets take this scenario – Hulk Hogan as Special Referee. Hogan is caught in the middle of this whole situation. There’s Bully Ray, a guy he can’t stand who’s apparently dating Brooke, and Austin Aries, who he’s being a total dick. It adds enigma to the storyline and that is what makes a product good. Unpredictability. We could have all sorts of endings to a Bully Ray vs Austin Aries match with Hogan as special referee. Hogan could intentionally screw Bully or Aries. Brooke could turn on Hulk and Bully and get with Aries (Yeah, taking a page out of WWE’s book with the McMahon-Helmsley storyline, but then again – there’s been a lot of storyline-stealing going around hasn’t there?) Bully could attack Hulk in frustration. There is all sorts of ways TNA can go with this.

ALSO tonight….

DOC of Aces And Eights will take on Kurt Angle in a match I thought would be saved for Final Resolution. But maybe they’ve got something else planned for Final Resolution. Bottom line is DOC needs to win this. I mean lets whip out the super-duper Aces And Eights’ Match Record Since Gaining full access at Bound For Glory…

Aces And Eights Record Ever Since Gaining Full Access To TNA

Won: 1 (DOC’s win over Joseph Park at Turning Point)

Lost: 4 (Devon’s DQ loss to Sting the night after Bound For Glory, Devon and DOC’s DQ loss to Sting and Angle last week on Impact, Devon’s loss to Angle at Turning Point, and Devon and Prospect’s loss to Angle and Garrett Bischoff here)

No Contest: 1 (Devon and Bully Ray’s “Match” 2 weeks ago)

I doubt Devon is going to win his match tonight (I’ll talk about that later on), so DOC NEEDS TO WIN to bring back some attention to Aces And Eights. A win over Kurt Angle would be HUGE for DOC, and I think if Aces And Eights are in a match at Final Resolution, I think they’ll be put in a 6 man tag team match. DOC and two other members of Aces And Eights takes on Kurt Angle, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco (who won a TNA Contract last week) at Final Resolution. Maybe we’ll see Wes Brisco turn on Angle and reveal his alignment with Aces And Eights. That’d make sense if they did that then, and it would make Brisco look good. I’m expecting a good match between Angle and DOC tonight by the way. I say DOC wins.


Devon takes on Samoa Joe for the TNA TV Championship. The reason I said earlier that I didn’t think Devon would win this match is because of how rare a title change just before a PPV occurs. Devon and Joe might go to a no contest, and they’ll reschedule the match for a bigger occasion like Final Resolution. I can see Devon winning the title back, just not now. What I think will happen tonight is that either Devon gets DQ’d due to Aces And Eights interference, or Samoa Joe gets DQ’d somehow. Either way, I don’t think anyone will win clean tonight.


EPIC 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH! Bobby Roode teams with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to take on the team of Jeff Hardy, James Storm and AJ Styles. This is gonna be a good one. 6 guys who have such a great chemistry in the ring together. Seriously, I am looking forward to this main event. a great way to end the show. I wonder if James Storm is gonna get put in a match at Final Resolution. Maybe, he’ll get a match with Kazarian, considering he hasn’t got any plans for the PPV. James definitely needs a match at the show.

They were all from the official TNA preview, and they’ll be a lot more tonight, and this looks like it’s gonna be a good way to send us to Final Resolution, so I’m looking FORWARD to tonight’s Impact. However, due to a heavy schedule these next couple of weeks, I may not have time to watch it. So, if a Impact Wrestling review is late or not posted by me I apologize. I couldn’t post last week’s TNA review because I was really ill. But I’m feeling a lot better now. After this week is over, expect a lot more blogging from me. Before I leave, I want to comment on a TNA Lockdown Poster I saw today…


Yeah, this has popped up online today and as you can see the on-his-way-out Jeff Hardy is advertised on the poster alongside Austin Aries and Hulk Hogan. Now let me say this right now, I think this poster is… FAKE. Come on, that could be easily done on Photoshop. I could do that on Photoshop. That just doesn’t look real at all. Also, where’s the TNA logo? Surely if it were real the TNA logo would be shown in all it’s glory. FAKE. FAKE. FAKE. FAKE. FAKE.

But, let’s say it’s real… why is Jeff Hardy on the poster? Is TNA considering resigning him? Or is it just an mistake? I’ll let you ponder on that…

Remember, please follow me on twitter @TomRobinson5199 and I will see you in the future (unless I don’t post anything until 21/12/12, and the apparent end of the world stuff actually happens). BYE!


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