2012 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote for… Superstar Of The Year


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the 1st of December and NoDQ.com has started the polls for their annual NoDQ.com… AWARDS!

Yep, each day on the site, a new poll is uploaded which allow us the chance to vote who we think was the best, or even the worst, this year in wrestling. This has finally given me the chance to spread my thoughts as to what I think about the year of wrestling and what was good and bad about this year.

So, today they upload the FIRST poll in this year’s awards… SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR


Who really was the best in wrestling this year?

Who really was the best in wrestling this year?

The Candidates

CM Punk (WWE): CM Punk was the WWE Champion all year long, and while not as prominently featured as the likes of John Cena, had a lot of superb matches with a large variety of superstars, including two potential match of the year candidates with Daniel Bryan, an amazing encounter with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, and a classic as usual with John Cena at Night Of Champions. Of course, Punk turned heel on RAW 1000, and has established himself as important figure in WWE programming as the top heel in the business. There hasn’t been a lot to complain about Punk’s mic or ring work this year, and Punk has continued to excell after a 2011, which won him this award last year.

John Cena (WWE): Say what you will, John Cena is the FACE of WWE, and has been the most promoted wrestler in the company. With this pressure and what’s happened in his personal life, John Cena has handled himself pretty well, and has provided us with some excellent ring-work this year. While having to endure feuds with John Laurinaitis and The Big Show, and a beating from Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, Cena has delivered in a lot of his main-event matches this year, including his epic clash with CM Punk at Night Of Champions, and of course, his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania 28.

Daniel Bryan (WWE): YES! YES! YES! Yes, Daniel Bryan had his breakthrough year this year, with a one-word catchphrase making him one of the biggest stars in the industry. A night which he lost the World Title in 18 seconds followed by a night which saw Daniel Bryan be the star of a RAW, he didn’t even appear in. He’s definitely deserved the spotlight he’s received this year, maintaining his relevance with 2 superb one and one encounters with CM Punk , and being part of one of the best dysfunctional-partners storylines in Wrestling history, teaming with Kane to form Hell-No and revive a seemingly dead tag team division, with a lot of great tag team matches with the likes of Rhodes-Scholars.

Sheamus (WWE): It’s a shameful thing, lobster head. Hehehe. Sheamus, the Celtic warrior who shockingly won the Royal Rumble in January has maintained his stay into the big leagues, which involved a 7-8 month World Title reign, and large rise in popularity, making him the 2nd top face in the business, 2nd to Cena.

Bobby Roode (TNA): THE IT FACTOR OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! Bobby Roode was TNA World Champion for more than a half of the year, and has had so great matches along the way. Matches with the likes of AJ Styles, James Storm and Rob Van Dam during his time as champion, Roode slayed the heroes of TNA and established himself as the main bad guy in TNA. Of course, his match with James Storm at Bound For Glory was probably one of the best TNA matches of the year, and Bobby’s in ring work is purely sensational.

Austin Aries (TNA): Another break-through star, Aries landed himself into the World Title frame with an exceptional X Divsion Title reign, and defeated Bobby Roode to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Destination X. Aries made himself the face of TNA, before Jeff Hardy became champion, and when he turned back heel, we saw the best of Austin Aries promo-wise, and his matches with Jeff Hardy were amazing, especially their ladder match at Turning Point. Aries was probably the best in ring performer for TNA, and no-doubt, Aries is staying put in the main event spot in TNA, hopefully for years to come.

MY PICK: Austin Aries. Aries’ ring work was second to none this year. While Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were both incredible in the ring this year, Aries for me stood out from the crowd, and had the mic-skills to make him the best asshole in the business (sorry Mr Anderson). To be honest, it was hard to separate Aries and CM Punk from each other. I wish I could have voted for both of them, but I had to pick one, and Aries just got the nudge.

Who do you guys think was the best?

You can vote here at http://nodq.com/polls/356331034.shtml and may the best man win.

You can follow NoDQ.com on Twitter @nodqdotcom, and you can follow me on twitter @TomRobinson5199.




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