Ricky Hatton’s Final Curtain – Thoughts On His Defeat And Retirement

Ricky After His Defeat Last Night

Hey readers. I am here to talk about this weekend, a weekend one Ricky Hatton will want to forget. The weekend which saw the Manchester boxer step into the ring for the first time in 3 years against a very tough individual – Viacheslav Senchenko, who walked into the fight 32-1. This was a tall order for Hatton overcome, who through thick and thin, gained the courage to have one last fight, to see if he could cut it anymore. For a comeback fight, fighting Senchenko in a 10 round bout must be as hard as a comeback fight as get. But Hatton wanted to push himself to the limits to see what he was truly made of. He could have went for an 8 rounder with some local fighter, but he chose one of the leanest and meanest around.

A lot was expectation was in the air as his hometown crowd were 100% behind Hatton, as his fight approached. And the first two rounds showed us shades of his past-self – feisty, lethal and agile. A very good period which saw him batter the Ukrainian as the Manchester crowd roared with delight. But as the fight progressed, we saw a lot of ring-rust come into place. As the rounds increased, his concentration and accuracy took a hit, and you could tell, with Hatton swinging wild rights, and leaving himself exposed. The Ukrainian took full advantage and began clawing back points on the judge’s scoreboard, setting up what was expected to be a close finish. Near the end of the fight, Senchenko gained the offense and began pummeling Hatton, with Hatton’s guts and will keeping him going. He began showing signs of exhaustion in the later stages, showing that Hatton’s fast-paced offense may have began to let him down. Perhaps with his strong opening to the fight, Hatton thought if he could weather the storm for the remainder of the fight, he could end this comeback on a bang. It did, but not the one he wanted.

A hard shot to the stomach by the Ukrainian in the 9th round ended Hatton’s night. Not exactly something I expected. It looked like Hatton would make it to his feet before the ref counted to 10, but Hatton knew he was fighting a losing battle, and ref called for the bell.

It’s hard not to respect his accomplishments. Multi-time world champion. Going undefeated for 43 fights. And with the exception of this fight, his only defeats were from Mayweather and Pacquiao. To be honest, getting to fight one of them two his an honor in itself. But fighting both, win or loss, that is something that is the result of Hatton’s long struggle to the top and his hard work being rewarded. I don’t think what happened on Saturday can take away from that night.

He’s decided to call it a day, and has packed it in once more. It’s a move I don’t blame him for making. I also don’t blame him for coming back either. He wanted one last hurrah, and to be honest, he fought pretty well for someone who hadn’t fought for more than three years. It took a lot of heart to get back up, and have one last shot. Whether he lost or not, Hatton should not be disheartened by the defeat. He won’t be remembered for the demons and obstacles he’s faced. He won’t be remembered for this fight. He will be remembered as the guy who took the courage to pick himself up, when we all doubted him for one final challenge. He will be remembered as the guy who went toe-to-toe with both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. He will be remembered as a multi-time world champion. Ricky Hatton’s final curtain may not have ended on a winning note, but at least he won’t have lived on wondering “What If I Didn’t Fight One Last Time?”. Respect To Ricky.

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