WOO HOO! Middlesbrough On Top Of The Championship!

Yes, my beloved football team Middlesbrough FC have climbed to the top of the Championship table for the first time this season by defeating Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 at the Riverside Stadium tonight!

Great result for the Boro, and a great performance by a lot of the players out there. Josh Mceachran was superb as always. He showed some really good skill in tonight’s match. A great goal from Justin Hoyte at the start. And overall, another good performance from the Boro. 9 games unbeaten in all competitions. Let’s just hope that Boro can keep this streak up as long as they can, and that Crystal Palace don’t beat Peterborough tomorrow so Boro can stay their at the top.


Yep, let us HOPE the 22nd place Peterborough can knock off Crystal Palace tomorrow.

Oh, and regarding the rest of the competition…



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Coming your way tomorrow… TNA Impact Wrestling Review!

As for now… UP THE BORO!


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