Plans For The World Heavyweight Championship In 2013

In comparison to the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship hasn’t had that much exposure in 2012. While CM Punk and the WWE Championship has been the main piece of WWE storylines as of late, the World Heavyweight Championship’s prestige has really been damaged by eighteen second Wrestlemania matches, a six month feud between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus for the title that wasn’t not very interesting and now we’ve come to the point where Big Show is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. Now according to Examiner, PWMania, and other websites, the decision for Big Show’s title victory was made by Triple H as an attempt to avoid a situation where Sheamus would be considered unbeatable, similarly to how John Cena is thought of nowadays. While Big Show is currently the World Heavyweight Champion, reports coming from backstage suggests that the World Title picture in 2013 is going to be centred around two men – current Money In The Bank holder Dolph Ziggler and “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Now regarding DOLPH ZIGGLER…

Dolph Ziggler being in the mix is no real surprise. He is MR MONEY IN THE BANK for crying out loud. And he seems poised and ready to cash that briefcase in. The question is… WHEN?

Survivor Series? Nah. Big Show’s title reign has just started. To be honest, having a heel cash in Money In The Bank on another heel just doesn’t seem right in my book. When Ziggler does cash in, it should be against a face.

Wrestlemania? That would be pretty cool, as no one would have seen it coming and it makes Ziggler look good walking out of Wrestlemania the World Heavyweight Champion. Since the World Championship doesn’t have as much spotlight and prestige as the WWE Title, why not experiment with it and try something new?

However, I think WWE should take a page out of Edge’s time as Mr Money In The Bank – have him hold on to the briefcase as long as he can. Give him time to feud with the top faces of the company. Keeping him feuding with the likes of John Cena, and possibly Sheamus after this. They could do what Justin Labar said in this video for Bleacher Report – have Ziggler wait until the very end of his contract (Money In The Bank 2013) to cash in. They have a chance to hype up him cashing in. Possibly a countdown? He’s got all year to cash it in so why does he need to cash it in sooner rather than later? Make good use of that contract stipulation.

Now regarding RANDY ORTON…

I think in a way, Randy Orton does deserve to be back in the title picture. Take out all the Wellness Policy suspensions and focus on what he’s done in the last year. Short feuds with the likes of Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio etc. A World Title match now and then. He’s not been anything significant as of late. He’s just been floundering around the upper-mid-card position for about a year. Possibly going into a feud with Ziggler again with the World Title at stake could do well to change up Orton’s character. Considering he’s supposed to be a main-event star, he needs to have a World Title feud of some sort.

If this proposed feud between the two goes through, then that obviously rules out the possibility of Randy Orton turning heel, which a lot fans (including myself) would have wanted to see. While Orton turning would give his character a desperately needed change, that would mean that there would be ANOTHER mid/upper card heel in WWE and that would just be going over the top. Guys like Wade Barrett and The Miz are missing out on a push to the top because of the amount of heels being pushed over them. Especially Barrett, who really needs to be pushed to the World Title. Mic Skills, Wrestling abillity. He’s got it all.

I do wonder though what will happen to Sheamus if Randy Orton becomes more involved in the World Title picture than him. Does he get turned heel? Probably not, since things are going OK for Sheamus right now. Does he get Orton-ized and spends some time feuding with mid/upper card heels? Maybe. The bottom line is… the World Title is in need for a serious boost, and two talented guys like Orton and Ziggler clashing over the title could re-ignite the title’s flame if dealt with correctly.

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